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Leslie McCandless-Wedding Photographer-Sedona AZ

Leslie McCandless

Leslie McCandless a Wedding Photographer has always been drawn to the visual arts, but when she relocated to Sedona from Los Angeles 25 years ago, the beauty of the Southwest inspired her to turn her lifelong passion of photography into a career.  She attended film school and now divides her time between Sedona wedding photography and videography. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Leslie’s years of experience in Sedona have taught her the most beautiful places and best times of day for Sedona wedding photography.

Sedona Wedding Photograph
Joe Robinson Photographer Sedona AZ

Joe Robinson

Joe has been a Photographer for the beauty of the Southwest all his life.  Originally from Phoenix, his interest in capturing nature in all her splendor intensified when he moved to Sedona ten years ago.  Every Sedona wedding he photographs allows him to expand his creative vision and gets him out in the red rocks he loves!

Beautiful Sedona Wedding Photography
Brad Lucky - Photography Sedona AZ

Brad Luky

Brad has experience with all forms of media.  He toured with theatre groups, handling the audio and visual requirements of live performances.  As a photographer, videographer, and sound engineer, he’s kept current with all the new technology, and his photographs can be seen regularly in Sedona Conscious Magazine.

Sedona View Wedding photography Brad Luck

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