Bell Rock


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bellrockwedding7 Bell Rock
bellrockwedding6 Bell Rock
bellrockwedding5 Bell Rock
bellrockwedding4 Bell Rock
bellrockwedding3 Bell Rock
bellrockwedding2 Bell Rock
bellrockwedding1 Bell Rock

A short walk up the Bell Rock Trailhead

leads to breathtaking views for a spectacular sedona wedding!¬† Just Reverend Joel Boyd, Leslie McCandless¬† of Sedona Wedding Memories, and one additonal witnesses were present for the elopement of Justine and Corey in front of Bell Rock on this Sedona summer day.¬† After they exchanged their vows, the happy couple posed in front of Courthouse Butte, Cathedral Rock, and of course, whispered sweet nothings into each others’ ears in front of Bell Rock.
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