Sedona Wedding Photography in the red rocks! 











Sedona Wedding Memories will capture the beauty, the splendor, the magic of  Sedona on your wedding day.  Who you choose for your Sedona Wedding Photography is as important as choosing the right location. For memories of a lifetime… Sedona Wedding Memories.



When Christy and Terry eloped to Sedona, Reverend Joel Boyd performed their ceremony at Crescent Moon Ranch. Leslie McCandless and Joe Robinson (Sedona Wedding Memories photographers) were honored to capture the memories of  these two lovebirds as they romped in Oak Creek.

Leslie McCandless has lived in Sedona for more than 20 years and knows all the most breathtaking locations and times of day for Sedona wedding photography.  As an artist with an eye for detail and color, her background as a clothing designer and filmmaker have all helped her hone her skills when it comes to taking and editing still images. The vibrant hues of the Southwest don’t get any more spectacular than when reflecting on the red rocks of  Sedona.


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